• Microlab 300

    Microlab 300

    A true semi-automated clinical chemistry analyzer. An instrument that is designed as a clinical chemistry analyzer and not as a standard photometer. That’s what makes the difference! The new Microlab 300 extends the excellent reputation of the Microlab family…

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  • Coagulation Analyzer

    Coagulation Analyzer

    Tcoag’s KC4 Delta is a semi automated coagulation analyser with a four test position providing operators with a compact easy to use system. KC Delta series instruments use micro-mechanical clot detection technology for clotting assays, such as PT, APTT etc. In…

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  • Electrolytes Analyzer

    Electrolytes Analyzer

    EasyLyte Plus Sodium/Potassium/Chloride Analyzer Medica’s EasyLyte Plus combines Yes/No prompted operation, simple maintenance, and reliability into one economical design. The modular EasySampler connects quickly to the EasyLyte Plus, enhancing laboratory…

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  • Nyco Card Reader

    Nyco Card Reader

    NycoCard® READER II is a Point of Care instrument, designed for rapid and reliable measurements of all NycoCard® tests, such as HBA1c, D-Dimer, Micro albumin & CRP quantitative etc… With NycoCard® READER II, patients will obtain accurate, quantitative…

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  • Rayto RT-2100C Microplate Reader SKU: RT-2100C

    Rayto RT-2100C Microplate Reader SKU: RT-2100C

    A reliable & latest technology system for HBS, HCV, HIV etc ELISA tests. Rayto Microplate Reader is a 8-channel optic fiber ELISA system enable 5 second reading for the whole plate. It is a window operation system with touch screen and large LCD display. The…

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  • Haematology Analyzer

    Haematology Analyzer

    HY-3400 Hematology Analyzer (CE Certificated) [Oct 11, 2011] Fully automatic, 60 samples/hour, 2 separate chambers Low consumable, high accuracy 18 parameters + 3 histograms Specifications: Sample volume: 9.6UL (distal blood) 20UL (venous blood)…

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